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  • Clicksor.com -Contextual Targeting Advertisement Service

    Deliver The Most Targeted Display Ads Based On Keywords and Channel.

    Clicksor.com Inc. is one of the world's leading Contextual and URL Advertising Networks. The Clicksor Network has over 150,000 content rich websites serving 3 billion impressions a month. It is also one of the largest online drivers of traffic, reaching the United States, Canada, UK and World Wide.
    Clicksor Advantages:
    ● Serving 3 billion ad impressions per month
    ● Over 150,000 publisher websites
    ● 9 different targeting features
    ● Unlimited keywords and 150 channels
    ● ROI tracking and site blocking option
    ● Variety of creative ad formats
    ● Real time traffic reports

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    Min Price
    $0.05 / CPC
    $0.50 / 1000CPM
    $0.008 / CPV
    $0.005 / CPI
  • YesAdvertising.com -CPA Advertising and Publishing Services

    Offering performance based advertising by generating leads (CPL) for advertisers.

    We understand what it takes to achieve results that meet or exceed your expectations. Advertisers can count on Yesadvertising for results. Constant optimization and monitoring results in the most qualified leads for our advertisers. That translates into a guaranteed ROI, therefore maximizing your potential revenue.Working with Yesadvertising ensures advertisers that they have a partner that they can depend on. Our long term relationships with our current list of clients are testimony that advertisers trust Yesadvertising with the promotion and increased profitability and exposure of their brands.
    Yesadvertising Advantages:
    ● 100% performance-based with minimal risk
    ● Accept offers in different countries and verticals cpa network
    ● Mass reach over extended group of affiliates
    ● Dedicated account executives with full control

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  • InfinityAds.com -Pop-Under Internet Advertising Services

    Provide quality CPV/PPV Full Page Pop Under traffic for advertisers through different traffic packages.

    Infinityda InfinityAds has revolutionized Internet advertising with Full Page CPV/PPV technology that gives you effective, high quality traffic to your campaign. All your traffic is targeted to ensure that you get interested visitors, while real time statistic report enables you to monitor the success of all your campaigns.
    Infinityads.com Advantages:
    ● Display your campaign in Full Page
    ● Get traffic far more effective than banners.
    ● Packages for any budget!

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    Min Price
    $0.004 / CPV
  • XXXWebTraffic.com -Online Adult Advertising and Marketing Services

    Provide advertising services that allows you to customize the different targets, channels, and categories for your advertising campaigns.

    Xxxwebtraffic.com is an online adult advertising network. We provide advertising solutions for advertisers of all sizes. Sign up for a free account to create ads for promoting your online business. We allow you to advertise using text, banner, rich media, pop under and interstitial advertisements. The campaigns run in our system are served worldwide through our large publisher network.
    XxxWebTraffic Advantage:
    ● Highly targeted adult advertisement to the affiliate
    ● Display relevant text, graphical, rich media or full page advertisements on your website

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    Min Price
    $0.25 / CPC
    $1.00 / 1000CPM
    $0.006 / CPV
    $0.010 / CPI
  • AdPreference.com -Engage Your Audience Like Never Before

    Promote your offers, increase quality leads, get engaged users. AdPreference provides solutions that allows deeper ad engagement for audiences, and rewards them for it.

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  • XTargeting.com -Local Advertising Services

    Provide advertising services that helps you build local businesses online to run your campaigns the most efficient way.

    XTargeting.com helps small business owners and online marketers get high quality local traffic to their businesses with a few simple steps through our contextual advertising technology.Through our Channel Targeting, GEO Targeting and Time Targeting technology, you can get the most targeted local traffic for any offers, in the shortest period of time and at the most affordable rate.Our system is proven to work, even if you have a small budget to spend or have zero experience in online marketing.
    XTargeting.com Advantages:
    ● Create online campaigns that specifically target the market of their choice.
    ● Choose from different ad formats and target your campaigns based on geography, category, and/or time of your choice.

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  • Cpxcenter -Cpxcenter

    Quickly Build Your Performance-Based Network

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  • MyAdMarket -MyAdMarket

    Private label platform for Ad Serving & Exchange

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  • EmailServing.com -Email Marketing Service

    Direct email marketing services with easy to use tools and features to create professional email marketing campaigns.

    Emailserving.com is an easy-to-use system designed for small businesses and medium enterprises. Once registered, we give you the full customization on your campaign designs, list of recipients, and many more. Experience the freedom to work around many of the limitations by doing it yourself with our email marketing features to help you create professional and engaging emails. With a simple newsletter you can attract visitors to your events, functions, promotions and most importantly, make sales.
    EmailServing.com Advantages:
    ● Create your own email campaigns with our easy to use email service platform.
    ● Set your own email campaign from start to finish with many functions and features.
    ● Send out emails affordably with either our monthly plan or our pay-as-you-go plan.
    ● High delivery rate so you reach to more of your targeted recipients

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  • BannerCenter.net -Banner Design Service

    Have professionally designed animated and static banners made for specialized online advertising.

    Banner Center is a professional banner creation and design service staffed by top designers. With more than 10 years of experience at online advertising, we fully understand the type of banner design you need to improve your conversion /ROI. Get professional looking banners to attract prospective clients and customers for your business.
    BannerCenter.net advantages:
    ●Get professional looking banners to attract prospective clients.
    ●Create either animated or flash banners and choose from up to 10 different standard banner sizes.
    ●Get 3 free revisions if you are not satisfied with our banners to ensure that you get the best banner.

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  • SeoToolsCentral.com -Free web-based SEO tools

    Get free in-depth SEO analysis reports.

    SEOToolsCentral is built around a team of professionals dedicated to provide services that will help small businesses and medium enterprises excel in marketing and search engine optimization. Our goal is to provide excellent SEO tools and services catered to educate businesses as well as individuals on how to attain a higher online presence with their website through marketing and search engine optimization.
    SeoToolsCentral.com advantage:
    ● Get all the tools you need to optimize your site, all in one place.
    ● Ensure your site has an opportunity to reach 1st page.
    ● Includes keyword research tools, on-site optimization analysis, and off-site analysis so you would get a complete SEO overview of your site.
    ● Periodic reports could be set so that you would get a progression on your SEO.
    ● The system gets the latest update when Google changes search algorithms.

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  • YesUpHost.com -Web Hosting Services

    Quality VPS, Dedicated servers and colocation services at affordable rates.

    YesUp operates its own 40000sqf state-of-the-art Green datacenter in Toronto, Canada (North America). Our datacenter implements the latest Green technology in the industry and gives us the possibility and flexibility to meet our customers' needs and demand. We have highly trained engineers and staff working proficiently to ensure that your servers are running smoothly. With a reliable network that we use exclusively with Tier-1 bandwidth providers, we ensure minimal latency and fast connections to the Internet.
    YesUpHost.com Advantages:
    ● Create your own custom hosting plan.
    ● Own & operate data center facilities located in Toronto, Canada.
    ● Provide private label hosting solution with wholesale price.

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  • MyVdrive.com -Free file hosting

    Unlimited online storage with fast uploads and downloads speed.

    With FileServing, you can securely store your files in the Cloud and share it with the people that you want. You can also access files from anywhere from any web browser so that you can get to your document from home and work.
    FileServing.com Advantages:
    ● Unlimited parallel downloads.
    ● Forever storage time of your files.
    ● No daily limit on downloads.
    ● Upload up to 2GB sized files.

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  • VisitorPath.com -App Tracking

    Manage your app marketing in the way it should be

    With Vistorpath.com, you can easily manage your app marketing. VisitorPath's TrackSDK allows you to find what attracts new users to your app, measure all your app marketing activities on one dashboard, and add new traffic sources in minutes, all without having to update SDK's.

    Vistorpath.com Advantages:
    ● 500+ Integrated partners
    ● First-class app campaign analytics
    ● Unbiased Attribution
    ● One universal SDK

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  • FlyerCenter.com -Flyer Center

    Flyers Sharing, the earlier you know, the more you save.

    FlyerCenter.com is best helper if you want to save more when you are shopping. You can find all your updated local flyers here with additional coupons and discounts delegating to all members at FlyerCenter.com. By subscribing our weekly newsletter, you won't miss any hottest and latest deals any more.

    FlyerCenter.com Advantages:
    ● All local flyers and hot deals in one place
    ● Exclusive discounts and additional coupons only for FlyerCenter members
    ● Partnered with iSharePoint to save more for users

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  • iSharePoint.ca -iSharePoint

    Shop More, Earn More

    iSharePoint is a free app that allow you getting rewards while you are shopping. All you need to do are simply three steps: download the App and activate your account, discover nearby stores with your app and show your iSharePoint card or app to get points for what you buy in a store each time. Our constantly updating participating stores list includes BlueSky Pickering Store, Grant's Food Mart, Seasons Foodmart, Helious Cafe Inc and many more. The points you earn can be redeemed for unbeatable discounts, free products and services.

    iSharePoint Advantages:
    ● Provide more shopping options by continuous growing participating stores list
    ● Get reward easier by various redeem options
    ● Offer tons of unbeatable discounts, free products and services

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  • mobi.to -Mobi.TO

    Earn free gift card and cash rewards by simply install our promotion apps

    Mobi.to provides the most popular app rewards program in the market. It allows you to discover tons of free new and useful apps, download them and get rewarded for installing them. You can get rewarded with Mobi Coins, and redeem them for free gift cards and cash. Mobi Coins can be redeemed for Google Play Credits, iTunes Gift Cards, Prepaid Credit Cards, Amazon Gift Cards, PayPal cash, Steam, PlayStation, Xbox, League of Legend credits, and many more. Rewards are varied and are constantly improved, so make sure to stay tuned for more options.

    Mobi.to Advantages:
    ● Constantly get rewards by simply install free apps.
    ● Rewards are varied and are constantly improved to offer more options.
    ● Earn even more by referring friends and family.
    ● Free bonus coins for daily check-in and new users.

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  • mobiproxy -MobiProxy.com

    Best Mobile VPN for Free

    Mobiproxy is a free VPN app that allows you to earn while you are using the service. Whether you want to access restricted sites in your region, or need a secure way to access sensitive information, MobiProxy is the right app for you. Using MobiProxy to connect to our multiple VPN servers, you can surf and collaborate over the net without being tracked. By upgrading from the Free account to the Rewards account, you can enjoy higher speeds, more VPN server options, and higher priority connections to server and earn money at the same time.

    MobiProxy Advantages:
    ● Browse blocked sites such as Youtube, Facebook, Skype, etc.
    ● Have extra security while sending or receiving data
    ● Surf anonymously without being traced
    ● Access to fast VPN connections to many different servers

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  • xpto -XP.TO

    Shorten urls in one simple click

    With XP.to, you can easily create trackable short urls to use anywhere on the web, email, advertising, affiliate links, Twitter or Facebook. We use the most up to date sources available on the internet to block links being created for sites which may contain viruses, spam or malware. You are also able to manage all your short urls in one place, view url statistics and share urls through social media by registering an account with us.

    XP.TO Advantages:
    ● Totally free without hidden fee
    ● Simple to use - shorten urls in one click Integrated managing all short urls in one place
    ● Urls password protection available if needed

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